Women's Empowerment

Our Promise

  • To create an environment of respect & security for women
  • Tointroduce self defence programmes in school curriculum with emphasis on martial arts
  • Opening of more hostels for working women
  • More fast track courts for speedy trial of women related cases
  • 24 hour call centres to address women safety issues and creation of dedicated 'WomenSecurity Force' under direct supervision of Chief Minister
  • To ensure lighting inside all public buses

Congress' Record

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report for 2012 has confirmed the notion that Delhi is also the 'Rape Capital' of the country.

  • Every fifth rape in 53 major cities of India took place in the National Capital
  • Of the 3,025 rapes in 53 major cities of India in 2012, about 20 % took place in Delhi. A year earlier, Delhi stood at 18%
  • 408 murders were reported in Delhi last year-highest among 88 cities compared with 215 murders in Mumbai, 180 in Chennai and 85 in Kolkata
  • Delhi has registered 3274 rape cases, .Bangalore with 532 cases(about 6 times lesser than Delhi) is second on the list
  • An interesting figure highlighted in the NCRB data. A total of 20,99,170 complaints were received in Delhi in writing and on phone, including help lines (100). Yet, only a fraction, 60,397, was converted into cases. The corresponding figure for Maharashtra is out of 9,43,994complaints, 3,33,680 were converted to cases
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